Platform & Features

Thoughtful and Intuitive

Swiftdox thinks outside the form and provides a fully guided solution.

Our modern interface makes creating certificate applications quick and easy. Our intuitive dashboards give you all the information you need to manage all of your applications and download digital certificates and invoices all in one place. With one click create copies of existing applications so you can quickly create multiple applications with different destinations.

Platform Features

A Real Time-Saver

Time is money. Let's save some. With Swiftdox online certification can take a fraction of the time of the traditional process. You can create a company profile in minutes and get started right away. Certificates can be issued in as little as one day and digital certificates can be downloaded immediately. The system also has options for Legalization and Apostille services which are managed by experts in the process.

Multi-Language Certificates

Depending on your shipment destination, exporters are often required to go through the time consuming and expensive process of having your document translated. Swiftdox is the first platform that offers Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) and Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (GMP) in a bilingual Spanish + English format.

Responsive UI

Need to apply for a certificate outside of the office? Swiftdox is fully responsive so you can use the platform on any smartphone or tablet.

24/7 Support

Our clients are our first priority. That's why we always provide 24/7 toll-free support. Our friendly specialists can guide you through the certificate application process and provide regulatory guidance when you need it the most.